USCIS Launches New Online Tool for Rescheduling Most Biometric Services Appointments

July 11, 2023

On June 28, 2023, USCIS launched a new online tool for foreign nationals or their attorneys to reschedule most biometric services appointments in advance of the foreign national’s appointment date. Appointments may still be rescheduled over the phone by calling the USCIS Contact Center, however, USCIS strongly encourages the use of the online appointment rescheduling tool.

In order to utilize the online rescheduling tool, certain criteria must be met:

  • The individual submitting the online request must have or create a USCIS online account;
  • The biometrics services appointment cannot be within 12 hours of the request to reschedule;
  • The appointment date must be in the future;
  • The appointment must not have already been rescheduled two or more times; and
  • The request must demonstrate “good cause” as to why the foreign national cannot attend their scheduled appointment.
    • “Good cause” may include, but is not limited to:
      • Illness, medical appointment, or hospitalization;
      • Previously planned travel;
      • Significant life events such as a wedding, funeral, or graduation ceremony;
      • Inability to obtain transportation to the appointment location;
      • Inability to obtain leave from employment or caregiver responsibilities; and
      • Late delivered or undelivered biometric services appointment notices.

If the above criteria are met, the individual submitting the request to reschedule will be able to choose from available dates and times and may also choose whether they wish to schedule their appointment at the same Application Support Center as their original appointment or at a different Application Support Center. Once the request to reschedule is confirmed, a new biometric services appointment notice will be generated and emailed to the requestor within 30 minutes as a downloadable PDF. The foreign national must bring this new appointment notice with them to their new biometric services appointment.

As a reminder, this rescheduling tool is not available if the biometric services appointment has already passed or if the appointment has already been rescheduled two or more times. Under these circumstances, the USCIS Contact Center should be called to determine whether the adjudicator will allow rescheduling.

If you have any questions about your biometric services appointment, or need to reschedule your appointment, please contact the attorney at LHSCD working on your case. Or, to set up a consultation with one of our attorneys, please fill out our Consultation Request Form.

Written by: Megan Nova Moleski

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