President Biden Announces New Actions Designed to Keep Families Together

July 17, 2024

Further updates announced today on the new family unity parole process! USCIS will start accepting applications as of August 19, 2024. Stay tuned for more details on the application process, which will be published in a forthcoming Federal Register notice.

On June 18, 2024, President Biden announced that the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) will take actions to ensure U.S. citizens with non-citizen spouses and children will remain together. In continuing his Administration’s goal in addressing issues with the nation’s immigration system, President Biden has implemented a new process that will allow certain non-citizen spouses and children to apply for legal permanent residency without leaving the country.

To be eligible these individuals must have resided in the United States for 10 years or more and be legally married to a U.S. citizen. Following approval of their applications, applicants will be granted a three-year period to apply for permanent residency, be eligible for work authorization for up to three years, while remaining in the United States during the entire process.

In addition to this new process, today’s announcement implemented an expedited employment visa process for individuals who have earned a degree at an accredited U.S. institution of higher education within the United States, and who have an offer from a U.S. employer in a field related to their degree. This new process will heavily benefit DACA recipients.

With additional details and specifics to come, the new processes will be extremely beneficial to all non-citizens and families within the country. If you have questions about your eligibility regarding either process, please set up a consultation with one of our attorneys by filling out our Consultation Request Form or contact the immigration attorney at LHSCD already working on your case.

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