September Visa Bulletin: Multi-Year Retrogression for China EB-2 and India EB-2

August 14, 2015

The Department of State has released the September Visa Bulletin, and the headline is the extreme retrogression for China and India EB-2. Cutoff dates for both categories landed at January 1, 2006, which represents a retrogression of 7 years for China EB-2 and about 2.5 years for India EB-2. The DOS had warned of China’s retrogression in last month’s bulletin, but hadn’t mentioned anticipated retrogression for India. All other EB-2 categories will remain current, and all EB-3 categories will see cutoff dates advance at least 1 month. The complete Employment-Based chart is below:

September 2015 (EB)

Most Family-Based cutoff dates will advance at least 2.5 months, with the exceptions being all F-3 categories (which will advance 3-4 weeks) and F-1 Mexico (which will be static). See the complete chart below:

September 2015 (FB)

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