July Visa Bulletin: India EB-2 Jumps Ahead Nearly Four Years; No Further Retrogressions for EB-3 or F-2A Categories

June 27, 2014

The July Visa Bulletin has been released by the Department of States. The big news is India’s EB-2 category, which will move from November 15, 2004 all the way to September 1, 2008, a jump of nearly 4 years.  A few other employment-based categories will see small advancements, though most will be static.  Many family-based categories will see at least some advancement, aside from F-2A, which is static across all chargeability areas. For only the 4th time this year, no categories will see their cutoff dates retrogress. Full details of the visa bulletin are below:


Aside from F-2A, all family-based categories will move up at least one week. The largest gains are for Philippines F-1 (moving up 7 months to January 1, 2003) and Mexico F-2B  (moving up 3.5 months to November 22, 1993). The other categories moved up 1-6 weeks.

July Family-Based


As mentioned, India EB-2 will move up all the way to September 1, 2008. The only other categories to see any movement for July are China EB-2, India EB-3, and India Other Workers, all of which will move up 10-15 days.

July Employment-Based

No Forward Guidance

Unlike past months, the Department of State did not add a note about predicted future movement of cutoff dates.

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