LHSCD Partners Present at the AILA Philadelphia Annual CLE Conference

April 18, 2023

Last Friday, April 14, 2023, our firm was honored and excited to have two of our Partners, Jessica Choi and Jack Doebley, present at separate panels during the Annual CLE Conference for the Philadelphia Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (“AILA”).

During the morning session, Jack Doebley, who works primarily on employment-based immigration matters, spoke to the audience about techniques and strategies for handling complex or unique issues with H-1B, L-1, and E visas. For example, Jack spoke about an H-1B holder’s ability to port their status to another employer, the impact of employer violations on an H-1B visa holder’s status, as well as options and limitations to obtaining L-1 visas and E-2 investor visas.

In the afternoon, Jessica Choi Kang co-led a Question & Answer panel with Customs & Border Patrol (“CBP”) officers from the Philadelphia International Airport to learn what trends CBP is currently seeing and receive updates on policies and procedures at local ports of entry. As part of this discussion, the CBP Officers strongly recommended that foreign nationals carry all relevant immigration documents with them or in their carry-on luggage and not pack these documents in checked luggage. Additionally, for those travelers who have difficulty speaking English, the CBP Officers recommended carrying pocket letters explaining the nature and details of the foreign national’s trip to the United States and providing a point of contact who CBP can communicate with regarding additional questions or concerns they may have.

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