Presentations on the New Immigration Law

June 7, 2013

If you are part of a community group, civic organization, or religious organization interested in the new immigration law, we would be happy to arrange to have a speaker from our office come and fill your group in on the impact of the new immigration law.  We don’t know yet with certainty that the law will pass, nor do we know the details of how the law will operate, but with each passing day we get a better idea of how the law might operate, and its chances for passage.

If you let us know the nature of your group, and your particular interests in the new law, we can adopt our talks to your particular needs and concerns.  We do not charge for these talks, but in some cases may ask for travel expenses.   If you are interested please contact Connie Cunningham at 215-925-0705 extension 0237 or via email at   Please advise Connie as to what times will be good for your group, and we will schedule a convenient presentation for you.

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