LHSC In The News: Nicole Simon on the Trump Administration’s Restrictive Immigration Policies in the WSJ

August 14, 2018

LHSC’s Managing Partner, Nicole Simon, was recently interviewed by the Wall Street Journal’s Gerald F. Seib regarding the Trump Administration’s efforts to restrict and reduce even legal, high-skilled immigration. In the piece, Ms. Simon discusses one case in particular in which a client was denied an extension of his valid H-1B status, throwing his life (and that of his family) into chaos:

Nicole Simon, an immigration attorney, tells of one client, an American-educated computer engineer from Bangladesh, who unknowingly lost his H-1B status in part because of incorrect guidance from an immigration official after returning from a trip home to get married.

After his application for a renewal was denied, he lost his job, though he and his wife had just had a baby who needed intensive care after a premature birth. After months in limbo, and repeated efforts, he ultimately received legal status this summer. The case, Ms. Simon says, reflects “a climate where everything is about trying to deter immigration.”

While Ms. Simon was able to successfully resolve this client’s case, the article sheds light on the unfortunate and unnecessary obstacles hindering US employers from hiring (or continuing to hire) high-skilled professional workers and the devastating impact of these restrictive measures on both the employer and employee.

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