October Visa Bulletin: Department of State Warns of Coming Retrogression for India EB-2; 5-6 Month Advancement for China EB-3, Mexico EB-3, and Philippines EB-3

September 15, 2014

The October Visa Bulletin has been released by the Department of State. Every single Family-Based category will advance at least 1 week, with most categories advancing between two weeks and one month. Employment-Based categories made significant advancements, except for India (all categories) and China EB-3. Additional details, plus the complete visa bulletin charts, are below.


Retrogressing: None

Static: None

Small Advancement (1 Month or less):

  • F-1: All Regions
  • F-2A: China, India, Philippines, All Other Areas
  • F-2B: Philippines
  • F-3: All Regions
  • F-4: All Regions

Significant Advancement (1 – 3 Months):

  • F-2A: Mexico
  • F-2B: China, India, Mexico, All Other Areas

Rapid Advancement (3+ Months): None

Family-Based (October 2014)

Employment-Based Categories

Retrogressing: None


  • EB-2: India
  • EB-3: China

Small Advancement (1 Month or less):

  • EB-3: India
  • Other Workers: India

Significant Advancement (1 – 3 Months):

  • EB-2: China

Rapid Advancement (3+ Months):

  • EB-3: China, Mexico, Philippines, All Other Areas
  • Other Workers: China, Mexico, Philippines, All Other Areas

EmploymentFuture Guidance

The Department of State mentions the strong possibility of retrogression for India EB-2 in the coming months:

INDIA Employment-based Second Preference: The use of potentially “otherwise unused” Employment numbers prescribed by Section 202(a)(5) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) has allowed the India Employment Second preference cut-off date to advance very rapidly in recent months. Continued forward movement of this cut-off date during the upcoming months cannot be guaranteed, however, and no assumptions should be made until the dates are formally announced. Once there is a significant increase in India Employment Second preference demand it will be necessary to retrogress the cut-off date, possibly as early as November, to hold number use within the fiscal year 2015 annual limit. 

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