Biden Administration Re-Designates Haiti and Designates Burma for Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

May 24, 2021

On May 24, 2021, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced a new 18-month TPS designation for Haiti, allowing Haitian nationals residing in the United States as of May 21, 2021 to apply for an initial grant of TPS. Eligible individuals will have to apply for TPS with USCIS within the registration period, to be determined once the rule has been finalized.

Additionally, registration is now open for TPS applications for Burmese nationals, who have continuously resided in the United States since March 11, 2021. Eligible individuals must file an application for TPS within the 180-day registration period from May 25, 2021 through November 22, 2021.

If you believe you may be eligible for either TPS designation and would like more information, please schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys.


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