August Visa Bulletin: No Retrogression; Philippines F-1, Philippines EB-3, China EB-2 and China EB-3 all advance by over 1 year; India EB-2 continues significant advancement

July 25, 2014

The Department of State has released its August update to the Visa Bulletin, and it contains good news for many applicants from China and the Philippines, each of which saw multiple categories advance 1 year or more. Many other categories will see advancement of  a month or more, though F-2A continues to be static across all categories.

Family-Based Categories

Other than F-2A, which continues to hold steady for all chargeability areas, all categories moved up at least 10 days. The biggest advancements were for Mexico F-2B, which progressed 4.5 months, and Philippines F-1, which moved forward 17 months.

August Family-Based

Employment-Based Categories

Among non-current categories, only Mexico and “All Other” failed to see any advancement. There is significant news for China, which sees advancement of over 3 months for EB-2 , and over 2 years for EB-3 and “Other Worker,” and for the Philippines EB-3 and “Other Workers,” both of which move up 18 months. In addition, EB-2 India will jump almost 5 months.

August Employment-Based

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