ALERT: All H-1B Extensions Again Eligible for Premium Processing

July 14, 2015

Back in May, USCIS temporarily suspended Premium Processing for H-1B Extension of Stay petitions, in order to allocate additional resources to processing the newly available H-4 EAD applications. This suspension was expected to last until July 27th, but USCIS has announced that they will resume accepting Premium Processing for such extensions, effective immediately.

That means that if you have an H-1B extension already pending with USCIS, you can now upgrade it to Premium Processing, and any yet-to-be-filed H-1B extensions may be filed concurrently with a Request for Premium Processing.

Requests for Premium Processing are filed on Form I-907, and USCIS currently charges a filing fee of $1225. Once the request is accepted, USCIS agrees to complete processing (meaning issuing either a decision or a Request for Evidence) within 15 days. Only certain classifications of I-129 and I-140 petitions are eligible for Premium Processing, some of which are also eligible to E-File the request.


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