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Business Immigration

Our goal is to obtain the appropriate immigration status as quickly as possible.

Immigration issues are a top priority for foreign national employees. Having the appropriate visa and obtaining permanent residence as quickly as possible are critical factors in a foreign national employee’s life. Most professional foreign born employees are quite sophisticated in their knowledge of immigration related issues. Because immigration is so important to them, these employees need to have their cases handled by competent professionals who specialize in this complex area of the law. Proper legal representation in all aspects of their immigration cases ensures that employees and their families will be able to remain legally in the United States.

Our services include representation for companies hiring employees from abroad. We also assist in employment authorization for foreign employees who have graduated from U.S. universities or who are transferring from another U.S. employer. Our goal is to obtain the appropriate immigration status as quickly as possible. Our services are aimed at minimizing the amount of time spent by human resources staff and in-house counsel on immigration issues.

Landau, Hess, Simon & Choi provides comprehensive assistance to the company, the employee and the employee’s family. By working together, we seek to form a lasting and productive relationship.

Each employee’s case is handled on a fixed fee basis. The following services are included in the fixed legal fee:

  • Application and Supporting Documentation preparation for each case
  • Application Filing with the appropriate agency
    • U.S. Department of Labor
    • U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
    • National Visa Center (Department of State)
    • U.S. Embassy or Consulate
  • Public Access Files preparation assistance for H-1B temporary worker visa petitions
  • Step-by-step guidance to employees regarding potential problems and procedures to be followed
  • Foreign-born employee’s family members assistance
  • Case Process Monitoring and Tracking through the various agencies. This service is possible because:
    • We handle many cases at these agencies and know immediately when a case is “off track” or is taking longer than normal.
    • We are very familiar with agency procedures and can quickly contact the appropriate person to take corrective action should your case experience unexpected delay.
  • Legal and Human Resources Personnel assistance: All of our attorneys will be available to answer any immigration questions. We can assist in determining whether prospective employees will qualify for employment authorization and advise you of the estimated amount of time it will take to process applications.
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